Monday, December 19, 2011

Questions That Need to Be Answered Before You Buy a Digital Camera

Questions That Need to Be Answered Before You Buy Digital Camera

1. The Return Policy
Do they ask for a restocking fee when you want to give back the camera you bought?
2. The Number Of Megapixels
What size will your photos need to be? Depending on this answer, you need to choose a certain number of megapixels in your camera.
3. The Camera's Features
Does the camera have some features that other cameras don't? For example white balance, amount of exposure or auto focus.
4. Its Shooting capability
What kind of capabilities come with the digital camera? Does it have advanced shooting options (manual control options).
5. What Focal Length Does It Have
What kind of focal length does the camera have.
6. Type Of Zoom
What type of zoom does the camera have? Is it optical (real zoom) or digital(software based).
7. Camera Modes
What options do you have when you want to take photos from very close distances?
8. Camera Memory
What type of memory does the digital camera have? Is it built-in or can it be removed?
9. The Image storage capability
Does any memory card come in the price of the digital camera? What capacity does it have and what's the number of photos you can keep at it, both at low and high resolution.
10. Battery price and type
What is the source of power for the camera? Are they normal batteries or models that are proprietary? If they're normal, what type of batteries does it use (lithium or alkaline)? If they're proprietary, how expensive are they?
11. Accessories that are included
Does the camera come with any accessories or cables included in the price?
12. Included Software
Does any software come together with the digital camera? Is there an editing software included?
13. Gray market
Does the camera come with warranty and can it be repaired easily by services from the country you reside in? Are all the components and drivers compatible to your own country specifications.
14. Product Warranty
The warranty of the digital camera covers labor and parts? For what period of time is it covered?
15. Support and Service

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