Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Small Digital Camera Reviews

Executive summary article By Dale Preece-Kelly
Digital cameras are now common place, nearly every household has at least one. Due to the problems encountered with our old camera, I found myself taking more and more photographs using my cell phone! My cell phone does have a good camera and takes better close up photographs than my old digital camera, a lot of my recent photographs have needed to be close up shots of small things. Hence the decision to buy a new camera.
It has to be a compact digital camera for that kind of money and we tried several. The shop that we used was very helpful allowing us to try each camera in our price range to see how easy they were to use, to see the quality of the photographs that the cameras could take and to feel the quality of the device that we were purchasing. All of the cameras offered were on sale at £50-£60 - reduced from their original prices.
I took photographs with all of the cameras that were withing our price range - an Olympus (10 Megapixel), a Samsung (10 Megapixel) and a Rollei (8 Megapixel). I took general photographs and full zoom photographs to check on quality, especially looking at graining on the full zoom photograph, as I use the zoom function a lot when taking photographs.
The camera still had the delay on it, just like our outdated one, but the quality was excellent as was the build quality. I had never heard of these cameras before, they are a little known German make. The build quality did not feel too good - the camera felt "plasticy" and delicate. The camera was of excellent quality and felt expensive, it was easy to use and there was little delay between shots. The camera has been excellent. It takes both photograph and video footage.
The menu when in camera mode is simple and self explanatory. The downsides with this camera are: the delay between taking images (a green LED flashes until it is ready to take the next image), the "instruction" book that comes with the camera is very basic and therefore you have to "Play" with the camera to figure out how it works, the USB cable - if this one gets lost, I would not be able to get a replacement easily and the "plasticy" feel of the camera.

Small Digital Camera Tips
Choosing the best small digital camera should be an easy job if you know what your needs are. For business users, a camera with at least 4 megapixel is ideal. For $400 to $1000, you can have models with digital security support, world clock, and text capture mode.
Then with at least $500, you can find cameras with 5 mega pixels or greater. These cameras usually have dynamic histogram displays, user modes that can be personalized, and image stabilization features.
If you are a budget buyer who only wants to spend $200 or less, you can find cameras with at least 3 mega pixels of resolution. You can enjoy basic features like automatic scene modes, auto focus assist light, and continuous-shooting function.The best digital camera has to match your personality and lifestyle

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