Friday, February 3, 2012

The Best Pentax Digital Camera Reviews

Pentax, a popular brand in the digital world, is completely owned brand of Hoya Corporation.
During 1960's, a campaign slogan for Pentax spoke "just hold a Pentax". Market Capture
In the year 2005, Pentax Corporation clubbed with Samsung Techwin to do work in the field of
camera technologies and retook market from Canon and Nikon.
The cameras that were manufactured by Pentax Corporation during 1960's-70 were compact and functional, with smooth controls for operating. Some of
the latest digital cameras from Pentax are the Pentax K200D, Pentax K20D, Pentax Optio W60, Pentax K10D.
The Pentax K20D digital SLR model follows the footsteps of the company's successful K10D model. The K20D camera is a newly manufactured 14.6-megapixel with CMOS sensor. The Pentax K20D continues to provide both; the dust-reduction policies used in the K10D as well as K100D cameras like vibration of the sensor which will remove the dust particles.

How to Decide on a Pentax SLR Camera
Whilst a popular photography brand with many dedicated followers, Pentax's real forte was the age of 35mm film SLR camera and so when digital SLRs began to become popular, it took several years for Pentax to catch up to the market leaders, Nikon and Canon. When they did arrive, however, they arrived in style and since their first digital SLR was introduced to the market in 2003, their popularity has snowballed, to the extent that many traditional Nikon and Canon photographers have converted to a Pentax SLR camera.Recently released in October 2009, this Pentax SLR camera is different from other entry level SLRs, for a variety of reasons.
 To cater for those who are looking for slightly more in their Pentax SLR camera, the K20D should meet the needs of any serious amateur photographer, as well as acting as a good quality second camera for a professional photographer.It has to be noted that Pentax have not yet ventured effectively into the full professional photography market, although they do have some high quality top end SLR cameras, such as the recently released K-7.Currently into internet marketing and fascinated by social networking and internet business development in general.

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