Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recover Digital Camera Pictures With Digital Photo Recovery Software

Executive summary article by  Bipsa rawat
Is your memory card corrupted or photos accidentally deleted? One in all solution is Digital photo recovery software. Digital photo recovery searches locate and extract photos, so that they can now be restored and accessed.Following are the features of digital picture recovery -
• Restores deleted photos, photos from corrupted and formatted memory card 

• Jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, tiff, and gif format images can be recovered 

• Supports recovery of raw image file formats- Nikon NEF, canon CRW, Fuji RAF, Kodak DCR, Minolta MRW, Sony srf etc 

• Supports mini disk, zip disks, MMC card, XD card, micro drive, XD card, SD card, memory stick, CF card, smartmedia 
• Supports wide range of camera 
• Compatible with windows 7, windows vista, XP, 2003, 2000 etc 
• Above all it's use is easy and the interface in intuitive

Apart from that virus attack, corruption of storage media etc are also responsible for loss of photos. Bipsa Rawat is an expert interested in reading and writing articles on data recovery topics including that of digital photo recovery which restores back the lost photos

How to Resize Digital Camera Pictures

Executive summary article by  Karel Kosman
If you want your friends to view all your pictures and enjoy the experience, you should prepare each picture for the web. If you put a lot of pictures on each page, in nice viewable sizes which download very quickly, they can all download while the viewer reads your text or appreciates each picture. On my 5Mpixel camera, since I never really print my pictures, I keep the quality setting at the lowest level, produces 250kb pictures which are still four times larger than any computer monitor.
Then I can press R or L to rotate right or left, and then CTRL R to resize. The final pictures are between 20 and 70kb in size, so they load fast, and fill up between one quarter to a full monitor, depending on the individual picture. The way I prefer to show my pictures is to make simple webpages, putting pictures and text into tables. As the person is reading some hopefully interesting text, the pictures download in the background. Always ALT TAB back to the file manager, down arrow once, ENTER, maybe L or R, CTRL R, punch in a number, ENTER, S, ENTER. If working with a LOT of pictures, you may want to perform these tasks on a lot of pictures at once. When you have the first picture open in that folder, press T, which opens up a Thumbnails window.
With the first file selected, hold down SHIFT and then click on the last file. Choose your directory etc., the Output Format, the Options tab next to that, and then you can select "Use advanced options" to the right of that, press the "Set advanced options" tab and have a hootin and holerin blast! In the program's Thumbnail window, when your pics are selected, you can right click them and do a bunch of other stuff, like make a contact sheet.If rotating and resizing the pictures individually, while doing so, you may also want to crop them.

5 Tips to Better Digital Camera Pictures

Executive summary article by  Greg Doig
Getting fantastic pictures from today's digital cameras is easier than ever. 1. Pay attention to the picture's background. Have your subject move if necessary to better frame the photo. Sunup and sundown are the best times for brilliant color, but today's digital cameras can adapt to the available light. Whatever time you are taking pictures be aware that flash can distort color, especially skin tone. A rule of thumb is that if the available light is sufficient to read a newspaper outside then turn the flash off. When aiming, avoid just putting the face in the frame. Besides, your subject will look a little slimmer with a downward, three fourths view.  Avoid getting the subject square center in the frame. A little off center is perfect for framing. 

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